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Trade Management

Seamless workflow from hypothetical analysis to order staging and trade execution.

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What Makes It Great

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    In a single, unified platform, seamlessly go from idea generation to hypothetical analysis, pre-trade compliance, and execution. Compatible with a myriad of asset classes.

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    Galaxy combines the latest technology advances in user interface design to deliver a modern, web-based tool. Our unique Trading Template concept provides users with the flexibility to streamline repetitive tasks, eliminate redundancy, and tackle complex allocation models with ease. Multi-legged trading structures can be modeled in Galaxy and processed together.

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    Highly Configurable

    Galaxy is highly configurable to support the way you do business. We support client-driven workflows, allocation groups, multi-level allocation logic, and more.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly Integrated

    • Integrated with Galaxy Compliance module for pre-trade compliance

    • Multi-asset Trading Programs

    • Unique Trading Template models repetitive tasks

    • Blend algorithmic allocations with manual overrides

    • Extensive audit trail capabilities

  • Highly Configurable

    • Client-driven workflows

    • Access restricted list functionality and eligibility criteria¬†

    • Multi-level customizable target allocation methodologies

  • Breadth of Fund Structures

    • CLOs (BSL and Middle Market)

    • SMAs

    • SPVs / Asset-Backed Lending / Asset Facilities

    • Direct Lending

A Modern Solution for Today's Credit Managers

Galaxy OMS supports custom and complex trade flows through order booking, target allocations, asset approvals, and external counterparty reporting with industrial strength performance.

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Works best in the full Galaxy suite

Leverage seamless data analysis, robust risk management, and real-time insights to drive exceptional returns. Collaborate effortlessly and make informed decisions with our interconnected modules. Experience the power of unity and elevate your portfolio performance to new heights.

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Trade Management

Seamless Workflow

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