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Why We Are The Leader In Optimization

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    Galaxy’s portfolio optimization models support a wide range of portfolio and trading constraints, including concentration, price, and liquidity variables. Unlike “guess and check” optimizers, our approach is based on advanced mathematical optimization techniques and algorithms to provide exact results. This eliminates the guesswork, ensuring clients that a result is the best solution given their constraints and objectives.

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    Optimizers can be notoriously difficult to use in real-world applications. We’ve listened, and by applying an intelligent assistant approach, we’ve simplified and streamlined the interaction between human and machine to produce useful results. Our solution includes solvers that focus on specific repetitive use cases such as portfolio rebalancing, par building, feature repair, trade and replace, warehouse construction, and more.

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    Galaxy’s optimization models are fast – blazing fast – to enable users to rapidly iterate on problems and explore solutions interactively based on varying inputs. The Galaxy optimizer balances risk, return, and a myriad of tests spanning compliance guidelines, proprietary credit analytics, and manager preferences. Users can generate solutions in seconds – identifying trading combinations that would previously be impossible to find or would require considerable time and effort.

Key Applications

Sky Road was the first to launch a commercial product dedicated to CLO optimization. Since then, we’ve honed our craft and perfected this system while expanding the range of products and structures we support. We’ve brought this specialization to asset-backed lending, opportunistic credit, high yield, investment grade, and more. Galaxy’s battle-tested optimization engine takes the guesswork out of hypothetical trade analysis and puts the advanced computational power of our proprietary algorithms to work for you.

  • Warehouse Construction

    • Support for multiple buy lists

    • Incorporate internal ratings and other custom measures

    • Establish user-defined investment constraints

  • Reinvesting CLOs

    • Deploy or raise cash

    • Build par

    • Repair Caa/CCC

    • Increase spread

  • Post-Reinvesting CLOs

    • Ratings matching

    • Maturity matching

Applied Math in Practice

Our solvers optimize your portfolio in seconds by harnessing the power of an elegant, non-linear, combinatorial, proprietary algorithm that is light-years ahead.

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Works best in the full Galaxy suite

Leverage seamless data analysis, robust risk management, and real-time insights to drive exceptional returns. Collaborate effortlessly and make informed decisions with our interconnected modules. Experience the power of unity and elevate your portfolio performance to new heights.

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Applied Math in Practice

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