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What Makes It Great

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    It's a given that your test results have to be accurate and reliable. In Galaxy, your funds are modeled to the letter of the indenture/credit agreements to give you results that you can trust and can be used to reconcile to third parties. Galaxy employs a modernized and proprietary rules-based system to enable an unlimited number of fund-specific derivations and portfolio tests.

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    The Galaxy Compliance module gives you confidence through comprehensive test results, day-over-day comparisons, and detailed drill-down compatibility through its unique “rules explain” feature. Analyze pre-trade or post-trade test results within the same system across single or multiple funds.

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    With lightning-fast hypothetical trade analysis, Galaxy evaluates and manages potential trade combinations in a matter of seconds across multiple funds.  Users can do in seconds what previously took hours or days. Galaxy harnesses the power of modern parallel processing to generate responsiveness far beyond the performance of the previous generation of compliance solutions.

Key Features

A rich, rules-based system born from the same innovative team that mastered CLO optimization.

  • Real-Time Hypothetical Analysis

    • Single and multi-fund capabilities

    • Multi-trade, Multi-asset type

    • Incredibly fast and easy to use

  • Comprehensive Rules-Based Engine

    • Collateral quality tests

    • Portfolio profile tests

    • Coverage tests

    • Eligibility Criteria

  • Configurable Results Visualization

    • Side-by-side fund comparison

    • Multi-level Rules Explain feature

    • Compliance alerts

    • Exportable reports

Accurate, Reliable, Intuitive

  • Single and multi-fund views

  • Intuitive, detailed drill-down reports

  • Customized and standard tests

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Works best in the full Galaxy suite

Leverage seamless data analysis, robust risk management, and real-time insights to drive exceptional returns. Collaborate effortlessly and make informed decisions with our interconnected modules. Experience the power of unity and elevate your portfolio performance to new heights.

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Accurate, Reliable, Intuitive

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