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What Makes It Great

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    Galaxy was built from the ground up with input from real public and private credit  professionals. With the “Galaxy Portfolios'' concept, users can create dashboards that combine holdings across funds or other dimensions, and facilitate viewing metrics that are relevant to you. Complex credit structures, such as CLOs, may often have asset information that is uniquely determined by fund. Galaxy was built to support these differences with a powerful data model.

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    Today’s technology is measured in seconds, not minutes, and we’ve risen to this challenge, allowing you to see the data the way you want to, not in a fixed format. Galaxy PM displays day-over-day differences in metrics, allowing you to always know where you are and where you came from.

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    Hypothetical Trade Analysis

    Run pre and post trade analysis leveraging your custom compliance rules for hypothetical trades. Leverage the power of modern parallel processing when hypothetical trades span multiple funds.

Key Features

Built from our flagship Portfolio Management offering, experience a modern, web-based interface with the backbone of a powerful rules-based engine.

  • Configurable Dashboards

    • User-defined measures & attributes 

    • Extensive third-party and market data integrations, including ESG

  • Visual Portfolio Composition Tool

    • Visually appealing filters

    • Intuitive view

    • Configurable

  • Display Day-Over-Day Data Changes

    • Ratings

    • Compliance

    • Portfolio metrics

Be The Captain of Your Command Center

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Works best in the full Galaxy suite

Leverage seamless data analysis, robust risk management, and real-time insights to drive exceptional returns. Collaborate effortlessly and make informed decisions with our interconnected modules. Experience the power of unity and elevate your portfolio performance to new heights.

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Portfolio Management

Go Beyond the Dashboard

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